Love You With the Truth

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When you’re asking: What am I supposed to do?
Als jij je afvraagt, wat moet ik doen?

I just ask you: What are you good at?
Dan vraag ik je eenvoudig: waar ben je goed in? Doe dat dan!

Then do that!
Doe dan dat!

And as you do that, move up to the top of your priority list and ask God:

En als je ‘dan’ doet, zet dan boven aan op je prioriteitenlijstje en vraag aan God:

will you give me words to fearlessly proclaim the mystery of the Gospel!
wilt U mij woorden geven om zonder angst het mysterie van het Evangelie te verkondigen!



For the longest time, I believed the lie
That Im not a strong enough believer
To be the friend that can take your hand
And lead you straight to Jesus
Im waiting on the preachers, singers, and the teachers
To string the perfect words together
But every single time I have to say goodbye
I wonder will this be the last time

I cant call myself your friend and walk away

When we love, we earn the right to speak the truth
When we speak truth, we show the world we truly love
Im not pointing my finger, Im holding out my hand
I lay it all on the line now to see God save my friend
Let my life and my words be the proof
Im gonna love you with the truth
Gonna love you with the truth

Yes, God is love, but God is just
And we are separated in our darkness
So God let Him who knew no sin
To become sin to make us right with Him
Its not about religion or earning Gods forgiveness
Or magic prayers or new behavior
Its all about your heart, Hell meet you where you are
Turn from your sin and trust in Christ as Lord

Jesus is the truth, the life, the way

How Ive prayed for this moment, that you would finally see
That God is more than religion, a stained-glass fantasy
And how Ive prayed for the courage, for my silent faith to speak
Or that God would just send you a better friend than me


Casting Crowns: Thrive

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